Soft Tissue Laser


What is a soft tissue laser?

A laser is composed of a small beam of very concentrated light. It brings energy into your mouth through a tiny fiber, to help remove areas of infection and remove gum disease around the teeth with great precision and accuracy.

The Soft Tissue Diode Laser sterilizes an affected area and seals off blood vessels, which minimizes the chance of infection or bleeding.

Patients tend to be much more comfortable during and after treatment with laser therapy.

What's involved?

Soft Tissue Diode Lasers can be used for treating cold sores, apthous ulcers (canker sores) to heal faster and relieve pain. The lasor can remove tissue without any bleeding and with faster healing. It is also used for crown impressions, Denture sore spots, frenectomies and periodontal surgeries. This allows the patient to be much more comfortable after the procedure.

I never imagined at 32 I could get Invisalign! Dr. Lang said I was a good candidate and in just 1 year, I have straight teeth!

Katherine H.
Patient, Rochester, NY
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